Your opportunity to be part of providing a player-centred, coach-driven environment that ultimately empowers the players and coaches, encouraging positive involvement in our community.

There's nothing more important than fostering our local sports teams. Every year, we invite local businesses to sponsor Surrey Football Club. As a 38-year-old club, Surrey FC has been finding and featuring some of the best players in Surrey. From coaching them on the ins and outs of the sport to honing their athletic skills, we're proud to teach the love of the game and impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication. With growing interest in the sport, Surrey FC offers the best coaching and player development possible. With our operations being based out of Newton Athletic Park, we create a professional environment where players can thrive.

Sponsoring our club is not only a great way to get involved with the community; it's also an amazing form of marketing for your business. Our club has more than 2,200 members, with 110 coaches and assistant coaches and over 100+ teams. Moreover, we also have the following affiliates and upcoming competitions:


Surrey FC is a member of the BC Premier League, where our teams compete with various premier clubs across British Columbia, bringing high-end level games and training in our home turf at Newton Athletic Park.

Surrey Mayors Cup.png

The Surrey Mayor's Cup tournament is scheduled for the first weekend of Spring Break every year., The tournament hosts competitive youth soccer teams from all across North America.

Canada Soccer logo.png

We are designated by Canada Soccer to host the 2022 (U-17 Cup) and 2024 Jubilee and Challenge Trophy. The competitions will take place on October 5–10, 2022, and October 9– 14, 2024, at Newton Athletic Park and will welcome athletes across the nation.

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We reach over 150,000 people a year!

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Email blasts to our members thanking you for your sponsorship.

Event & promotional opportunities.

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